Free Ballerina Spoon & Fork Craft


Take two plastic knives and one plastic spoon and place a rubber band in the middle to hold all together.

Make sure you pull the spoon handle down enough to hold the body firmly.

Color in the face with a sharpie.

Glue yarn hair to the top of spoon.

dancer 2

With my dancer, I cut out a blue dress and shoes. I used material flower trim for dress. For her arms I took two bendable straws and cut them below the bend. Glue or tape the arms under the sleeves.

This craft is really fun to make and the great thing is you can dress your body up to your preference. Have fun! 

Free Panda mask craft-Children’s Book Review Bear Likes Jam

Bear likes jam

 “Bear Likes Jam,” by Ciara Gavin has learning experiences for the children on sharing and finding the right balance. Bear loves his jam and sometimes he sneaks to eat eat. Bear is not crazy about his vegetables, but he loves his jam! Will bear learn his balance? I think so and everyone listening to the story will love bear and his problem with jam.

Panda Mask

Copy Mask

Punch out sides for string or cut strips for the sides

Pumpkin art for pre-k

Pumpkin Fork Art

Draw off a pumpkin on white paper or download a free coloring sheet.

Drop paint dots of orange and take a plastic fork and spread paint over the pumpkin.

Drop yellow paint in the center of the pumpkin and rake the fork ends in different directions to make a texture look to your art piece.

Free Finger puppet downloads-poems

Black Bird puppet

Copy two black birds on card stock

Cut and fold around fingers for movement poem below



Two little black birds

Sitting on the wall.

One named Peter,

One named Paul.


Fly away Peter.

Fly away Paul.

Come back Peter.

Come back Paul.

Three Blind mice puppets

Copy three, cut and fold around finger for movement poem below



Three blind mice.

Three blind mice.

See how they run.

See how they run.


They all ran after

The farmer’s wife

Who cut off their tails

With a carving knife.

Did you ever see such

A thing in your life

As three blind mice?


Free download apple mask-apple song-apple book suggestions

Apple Mask

Copy to size on cardstock

Cut apple out and the eyes

Punch holes on each side

Tie string on each side or you can cut paper strips to staple on each side


A Johnny Appleseed Song

(sung to Do you Know the Muffin Man)

Do you know the apple man,
the apple man, the apple man?
Do you know the apple man?
He planted apple seeds.

He wore a pot upon his head,
upon his head, upon his head.
He wore a pot upon his head.
His name was Johnny Appleseed.

John Chapman was his real name,
his real name, his real name.
John Chapman was his real name;
But, we call him Johnny Appleseed.

Apples Book 1Apples book 2Apples book 3


Free cut out clothes pin farm


Card Stock

4 extra small clothes pins (for chicken and turkey)

4 medium clothes pins (Goat and pig)

8 large clothes pins ( horse, cow, house, and barn)

To make a fence cut strips from brown card stock

Use large closthes pins to hold brown strips for fence

Clothespin farm 2

clothespin farm 3

Clothespin farm

clothespin farm 5clothespin farm 4